At this point, there’s not much of a chance the Giants won’t be in the playoffs.  According to ESPN, they have a 98.5% chance, which is better than any team in the AL other than the Texas Rangers.  In fact, four of the five NL spots seem certain.  Washington’s officially in.  Cincinnati is leading the Central and has a 99.9% chance.  Even Atlanta, who have a barely-better record than the Giants, have a 99.1% chance thanks to the wild card.

It’s also a good shot at this point that the Giants will go in as the #3 seed.  The Reds have a 5.5 game advantage over the Giants, and don’t have a particularly intimidating schedule remaining, other than a series against each of the other wild card contenders, the Dodgers and the Cardinals.

In fact, the only things that seem to be up for grabs are the second Wild Card and the top seed.  The Nationals and Reds are separated by only 2.5 games.

Who would you rather play in a five-game series?

I’ll tell you what, that Reds team scares me.  Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce, Ryan Ludwick…hell, even Todd Frazier, who is one of the game’s more underrated young players…that’s a lineup that’s made to score runs.  I mean, when you compare that offense to the Giants, you’ve got…

Wait, the Giants have scored more runs?  Than the Reds?  I mean, sure, it’s just a difference of 7 runs, but how are these two even comparable?  The Giants must have played in more games…

No, the Reds have played one more game than the Giants.

Well, hell.  I just don’t know what’s real anymore.

I do know this…the Reds still scare me.  That’s a team I’ll never feel comfortable against.