Well, I suppose there’s always Mark Minicozzi…

The three Giants home runs this spring belong to Minicozzi, Adam Duvall and Ehire Adrianza.  Only Adrianza has even the barest chance of making the team.  And, well, no one should count on him as a source of power, considering his power set.

This isn’t to say that there isn’t some good signs this spring.  All spring stats should be taken with a grain of salt, especially early, but Belt is 6-for-10 with two doubles.  Angle Pagan and Buster Posey are each 3-for-8 (.375).  And Gary Brown is defying expectations, currently 3-for-6, but more importantly with 3 walks as well and even a stolen base.  He’s been getting mostly garbage time, however.

And it’s early enough to not be worried about Pablo Sandoval and Mike Morse going 1-for-9 each, especially with Morse’s stolen home run hits.

Either way, it is encouraging to see the starters pitch very nicely.  Of the five starters, they are a combined 14 innings with just one run given up (by Vogelsong), with 7 strikeouts and one walk (by Lincecum), and eight hits given up.  The only downside?  Cain hasn’t thrown in a game yet, due to that “rainout” against the Cubs.  And Romo looked better after that disastrous first game.

Yeah, the only real troubling news is….well, Yusmeiro Petit isn’t exactly in perfect game form.  (7 ER in 2 1/3 innings for a 27.00 ERA….yikes!  Oh, and I’m going to be keeping an eye on Erik Cordier.  He’s intriguing.

It’s too early to think stuff, but after the offseason, what the hell else am I supposed to be thinking about?