I used to enjoy these.

I tried getting it going with my friends, but none of them were as hardcore as I was, so no one else got into it.

I tried doing it with the strangers on online message boards and websites, and maybe five would do it.

Then I realized the reason.

It doesn’t matter.  No one remembers who predicted what wrong, and the only one who remembers who got it right was the one who did.

No, these aren’t my official predictions.  It includes a pessimist’s view (Pagan leaving…which he very well could) and an optimist’s (Michael Bourn coming in).  Of course, a true optimist would see Pagan staying and Bourn joining, with Pagan moving to left where his outfield lapses wouldn’t make as big a difference…but that won’t happen.

The hot stove is burning…hey, what did you think was going to fill your time with the election over?