Remember when the Phillies were a thing?

Ryan Howard was a beast and Chase Utley looked like a Hall of Fame second baseman.  Jimmy Rollins was an MVP candidate.  And they had an epic rotation of Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt and, uh, Joe Blanton.  But then they replaced Joe Blanton with Cliff Lee!

Boy, shows you what some epic injuries will do to a team.  And all those position players and two of those pitchers are still on this team!

I really thought the Phillies were going to be the rivalry with the Giants from 2010 through about 2015.  But Ryan Howard got decimated by tearing his achilles tendon, and has never been the same.  Rollins just got old, but he’s still pretty effective.  Utley’s older, but still really effective.  Cole Hamels is still really good.  And Lee still had a few good seasons, even if injuries nailed him this year.

Wait, why do the Phillies suck so much?

Oh, right, Domonic Brown.

Well, not him entirely, but without a supporting cast, this team is kinda reminiscent of the late 2000’s Giants as Bonds’ career was winding down.  It takes a team.

Fare thee well, Phillies of my memory.  It would’ve been a fun rivalry.  But I guess the Cardinals were a bit of fun as well.  So you were easily replaced.  Now, about those Dodgers…

Oh, and I still remember being in Philly in late July, 2011, and making the big splash trade of the deadline.  Dammit!