Seriously, I get the worries about player safety.  They deserve to be, and should be, protected.  But there are better ways than playing plays that aren’t actually played.  There isn’t even time taken off the clock on a touchback.  Limit how the kickoff coverage team can run up to the line before the kick is off, for one (which they also did).  Change how blocking teams can line up to form wedges or initiate high-speed collisions.  But don’t make the play something where people just watch the ball sail over their heads.

But right now, kickoffs are a joke in the NFL.  Nowadays, when they do happen, half of the returns are brought back because of holds or blocks in the back.  They almost aren’t worth watching anymore.  Hell, I just fast-forward through them like any of FOX’s stupid football robot promo.  Seriously, FOX, that thing is just plain dated.