Note: Don’t understand why Barry Zito has a chauffeur in a tank?  It’s a reference to the old days of the Lunatic Fringe, when we were in black and white and all!

Okay, it wasn’t the best series ever.  But I’ll take two wins out of three in Los Angeles every time.

Sure, Vogelsong looked like he had problems keeping his velocity up after a few innings.  Cain still is giving up home runs at an unhealthy rate.  But the Giants are certainly hitting the ball.  There are plenty of home runs…for some reason.  The Giants lead the majors in home runs.

Actually, uh, that’s kind of unsettling.

Maybe all isn’t right.  Or maybe they just need to come home.

However, at the end of the weekend, the Dodgers were a favorite by so many people to win the division, the league and the World Series, and the Giants went into town and smacked them in the mouth.  I’m okay with this.

Also, the Dodgers looked like such fools in that first inning of the home opener…lol.