It begins, again.  The rumors of the A’s finally getting momentum on moving ahead to San Jose.

The L.A. Times reported that the A’s have received ‘tentative guidelines’ for what the A’s have to do to even be voted on to move to San Jose.  And, apparently, none of these guidelines address the territorial rights issue, which would have to be dealt with afterwards.

First of all, why is the L.A. Times reporting this, and not a bay area paper?  Are the Los Angeles Redundancies of Anaheim afraid that a sudden influx of Silicon Valley money will let the A’s top the vast obnoxious spending from the Big A?

But more realistically, what is this guideline stuff?  If the A’s get past that, then they have to deal with the Giants, then they have to get a vote from San Jose voters, THEN they have to get a vote from the owners?  That’s like a father saying that they’ll get you a puppy, if you get straight A’s, and if you convince Mom (and dad won’t be helping that discussion), and get an exception from the landlord, and if only the right short-haired puppy that weighs less than 30 pounds but more than a chihuahua is available at the pound in the south bay only.

It’s the same old story, and the same one that’s been pushed upon both Bay Area teams for far too long.  This blue ribbon committee bullcrap makes Congress look downright productive.  They may make ridiculous cliff deadlines, but at least something gets done.  This blue ribbon crap won’t even set a deadline, and have made zero discernible progress for four years, costing millions of dollars for the A’s, who should at least know if they need to consider other options.

This whole thing is crap.  I said it last year; just make a freaking decision.

On the other hand, maybe this is the grand plan for how they’ll get Giants fans to accept a San Jose move…because we’ll be thankful that this procrastination is finally freakin’ over!