Admit it, you were worried after that Dodgers series.

The Dodgers are way too close, and there’s a dash of fear…or more…that the offense was just the result of being in Coors and facing the Rockies’ pitchers.  But damn, that sort of offense does feel a bit good.

Not that I’m turning my back on AT&T Park…or thinking about bringing in the fences…or doing anything to boost the offense.  I like the tight games when I attend.  Usually the blowouts, even the rare ones by the Giants, have a tendency to bore me.  I think the only time I wasn’t was Game 2 of the World Series.  And that really wasn’t a blowout until the Rangers bullpen imploded like an original Vegas casino.

But, geeze, the Giants needed the offense.  Hopefully, this continues in a crucial meeting in St. Louis with the Dodgers nipping at the Giants’ heels.

In a separate note, this is the first comic done by Rog that is completely digital with a new tablet and stylus whose manufacturer won’t be named until they pay us sponsorship money…  Can you tell the difference?  I can’t.