No, there isn’t anyone across baseball crying tears of sympathy for Giants fans, true, but….

There’s a point where all this celebrating of the three trophies is going to start to get real annoying if this current team remains uncompetitive.

And, let’s be honest, right now anyone not named Nori Aoki is in the doghouse.  Panik is striking out way too much.  Buster Posey has lost his clutch.  Brandon Belt can’t beat the shift.  Angel Pagan goes back and forth.  Brandon Crawford is hitless in something like 17 at-bats.  Madison Bumgarner gave up a big game against the Padres.  The Padres!

There’s going to be a lot to worry and complain about this season.  Hopefully this streak ends soon, and obviously, there’s a lot of time left…but this is pretty miserable right now.  Feels like it’s June.