AT&T Park is so beautiful, it’s easy to forget one of the first missteps of the park’s designers.

Rusty was officially retired in 2006.  Wait, really?  I don’t remember seeing him once after 2002.  When I first heard of a robotic man at the park, I was thinking of a baseball version of the animatronics in the line at Star Tours.  Imagine my surprise and disappointment when it was a relic from the Musee Mechanique

Meanwhile, It took Fox until the mid-2000’s to take advantage of the dream started by Atari’s Cyberball in 1988.  Robotic football.  It was a dream as a kid.  Now that we are adults, the extreme ridiculous football re-imagining is with women in lingerie.  Somehow, that seems backwards.

That Cleatus has lasted as long as he has says a lot about Fox Sports.  That he has lasted longer than Tim McCarver on Fox says a lot about sports in general.

Enjoy the game, guys.  There’s no way that the Saints defense survives a moderately warm day on the turf of Candlestick, facing a halfway decent defense with a pass rush.