Yup, it’s that time of year.  Fantasy baseball.  Certain blogs are blasted with ads for it.  The bookstores have overpriced magazines telling you who to draft and who you shouldn’t.

Truthfully, fantasy baseball hasn’t come close to catching on the way football has, and it’s probably passed its peak of the new, cool thing to do.  But for the hardcore baseball fan, it’s still a big thing.  Why?  It’s simple: There’s no better place to prove you’re the premier source for knowing who’s good and who isn’t.  For the hardest of hardcore fan, that’s the way to prove one’s self.

It’s bull, of course, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

And if it does, you can join a league with me!

I’ve made up a league on Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.  It’s going to be based off of some non-standard stats.  No runs, no RBI, no wins.  Instead, OPS, Outs and negative stats like Caught Stealing and Blown Saves.  For fun only (No fees or prizes).  12 Teams, Head-to-Head style, with a live draft on Sunday, March 11, at Noon Pacific Time.

If you’re interested:

Yahoo League ID: 50299

Name: Sabermetrics 4 the Casual Fan

Password: 2012fantasy

For now, the league’s private, but after a week, I’ll open it up to the public.  This is, by no means, the ‘official’ Lunatic Fringe league.  But if any readers want to have some fun, here’s a place to have it.

Good luck y’all.  If past history is any judge, you’ve got one doormat in me in the league.