Okay, maybe I’m oversimplifying the offseason needs as being boring, but the big things that really needed to be covered are now covered.  Here was the offseason priority list, as I saw it:

1. Resign or replace Hunter Pence. (Done)

2. Resign or replace Tim Lincecum. (Done)

3. Take the option for Ryan Vogelsong or replace him.

4. Resign Javier Lopez (not an option not to) and otherwise supplement the bullpen.

5. Replace Barry Zito.

Get a real left fielder.

Sure, that’s four things left on the checklist, but the exciting ones are done.  Important stuff is left, but fixing the bullpen is usually never labeled as exciting (especially when it doesn’t include a closer).  Getting a left fielder could be exciting, until you see the list of who’s available, and then it’s boring again.  And replacing Barry Zito for a fifth starter would usually be finding either an aging veteran coming to the end of his career or a 4-A minor leaguer trying to break through.

Or…the Giants could shock everyone, outspending both Los Angeles and New York teams and get Masahiro Tanaka.

But that’s never going to happen.  Not this team, with this payroll, and that much competition.