I feel a little guilty, posting this not long after our response to the Chris Lincecum rant…but it’s true.

At this point, Tim has to know that the Giants have to be at least thinking of their options if he can’t get right.  He is literally the least effective regular starting pitcher in the National League.  The stats back it up.  The Giants would be insane not to.

This is not to say that Tim’s being disrespected.  The Giants have given him a lot of time to work out his issues, and other than a glance of goodness here or there, he hasn’t shown improvement.  In fact, his last two starts have been among his worse.  Can’t use the heat as an excuse, because it didn’t really make him much worse than everywhere else, and it sure wasn’t affecting anyone else.

Someone said something about insanity being trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  It’s close to time to try something different.  Bullpen?  I’d prefer that to the minors, and I know Tim would.  Phantom Injury?  I’m sure Zito can get Tim the forms.

Tim’s got the Astros at home.  If you aren’t going to show improvement against them, then you never will.

Brad Penny is there.  He was amazing in 2009 with the Giants.  It’s not the same thing expecting different results.

Also, 3-to-1 odds that Penny is Squatch from the ESPYs.  Just saying.