I used to think that the NFL added a bye week between the conference championships and the big game to give the Super Bowl teams extra rest, and give the Pro Bowl a special slot to shine, and to help extend out the things they can pimp out for fans to pay for.


The Pro Bowl got added in to fill in the week.  But no, the week was added for the media to exploit every single nook and cranny of the players and their lives.  Did they do anything except talk to the media all day?  And then there’s the stuff we don’t see, where CBS will be filming the promos and the players goofing around with the trophy (or without it, if the Ravens obey Ray Lewis), and doing pre-show interviews, and pre-pre-show interviews, and halftime interviews.

If there was just one week, the coaches would never have time to develop and gameplan and practice it.

Look, I love a good media hype as much as the next wannabe journalist…but geeze, c’mon guys.  Let Kaepernick breathe, and let the Harbaughs be themselves without trying to start drama between them like a Desperate Housewife!