In my heart, many of the things I rage about, I know the official explanations are legitimate.  The reason Chase Utley’s suspension got pushed back (The Player’s Union wanted more time to prepare) makes sense, even if it’s bad.  The reason Utley’s suspension will get overturned (lack of precedent) will make similar sense.

I don’t understand how Fox’s power outage should’ve caused this game to be stopped.

I’ve heard various excuses about replay needs.  But neither make sense.  The replay officials don’t use Fox’s feeds, as we often hear that they are seeing different images than what fans are.  Clearly, all the cameras and other feeds were still working, because MLB Network International was up and working.  What feeds do the replay officials get, either in New York or in the clubhouses?  How did Fox’s problem screw them up?

Regardless, I genuinely believe Fox stopped this game.  In NFL games, fans who attend in person know the one guy ruling the pace of the game is the guy with the big orange gloves, who is with the networks who tells the referees when the game needs to stop and start again.  We know who the boss is, and it’s not Manfred.

Other than that, it was a wildly interesting baseball game.  It sounded great with Matt Vasgersian.  The Volquez drama over his father was shocking.  The extra innings were fun, and the errors (scored or not) led to the flavor of the game.  This should be a fun World Series.

Still…wish it was the Giants.