This week’s squabbling between the A’s and Giants just led to one realization:

I’m tired of this crap.  Just make a decision.  I don’t even care anymore.

This is just getting ridiculous.  The Giants are touchy about their finances for the future, which has to be killing signing Matt Cain longterm.  The A’s are in a holding pattern for life, especially for what fans they have left.  There’s nothing but whining from everyone, even from the San Jose papers.  Especially from certain San Jose writers.

I don’t want to see the A’s move to San Jose.  It’s less about the money issues.  I’m a fan, I can barely care about that.  I’ll tell you what I’d regret.  I’d regret losing the San Jose Giants.  I love the big league team, and I love AT&T Park.  But there’s a charm to the minor leagues.  We’re blessed to be able to see the pure game that happens in the minor leagues without having to go so far.  If we lose the San Jose Giants, then what are we left with?  Stockton?  Yea, no.

But mostly, I just want to see this get dealt with.  It’s taken too long, and it’s an embarrassment to the game.  Just make a command decision, Bud.