That’s right, Giants fans.  Coming soon to the location formerly known as Borders right across from AT&T Park, is a new upscale Bowling Alley called Lucky Strike.

By the way, if you don’t get this strip, but down the internet right now.  Go do whatever it is that you do to watch older movies, and go get The Big Lebowski.  Just trust me.  No less than six underrated actors of our era in hilarious roles.  Oh, and Tara Reid’s in it, too.  (Sorry, Tara.)  And just look for John Turturro.  A couple of times.

Those more-traveled us may know the place from several high-profile locations, such as Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Hollywood, and Bellevue, Washington.  (Wait, Bellevue got one before San Francisco did? That’s just not right.)  It’s meant to be an upscale answer to bowling alleys the same way that Dave & Buster’s is supposed to be an upscale arcade for adults, complete with fancy food menus.

(Sure, referencing the Big Lebowski doesn’t exactly bring up a ‘high-class’ bowling establishment…but does anything make bowling look high-class?)

It also apparently has a ban on ‘athletic wear of any kind including….jerseys…and hoodies’.  It does indicate that there are ‘Game Day exceptions’ that should be called ahead for, but seriously.  If they don’t want jerseys or sportswear there, they had better be prepared for empty lanes from April through October.  On game nights, King Street is pretty much exclusively there for Giants fans, who love to wear their gear.  Despite their reputation, Giants fans don’t wear hipster clothing to games…

I’m sure Lucky Strike will be reasonable.  There’s no way they’re coming into this without knowing just what this particular corner of San Francisco brings.  Still, this may be an entirely different kind of crowd than they’re used to.

But we’re San Francisco.  Deal with it.