Maybe the Giants are really trying to make “Runners Thrown In” a legitimate stat?

Between Michael Morse and Pablo Sandoval last year, those two departed players hit 32 home runs (16 each).  That’s not including each one having some key, clutch hits in the postseason.

Nori Aoki and Casey Mcgeehee hit 5 combined last year.  It probably won’t get better in San Francisco.

Aoki’s also a poor platoon partner with Gregor Blanco, both of whom are left-handed.

That said, with what the Giants were left facing for this season, Aoki is an upgrade.  He gives the Giants a true on-base threat and probably their best weapon on the basepaths, which is saying something about where the Giants were on the basepaths last year.  He’s not getting paid much, and he won’t get paid that for long.

And perhaps, most refreshingly about him after Pablo and Jon Lester turned down offers from the Giants, Aoki took less to be here, for both him and the opportunity to win.

I like this signing.  It’s not a game-changer, and it’s not what would’ve been my first choice going into the year…but based on where the team was, at this point, they’re better going into the season than they were the day before signing him.

So, yeah, I’m okay…with that.