Did you know that ESPN just recently renewed their contract to continue covering baseball?

No, it’s not just a deal to expand beyond the final 10 minutes or so of Sportscenter…

ESPN’s been rightly criticized this year of caring more about football and football rumors than it does baseball.  Hell, anytime you turn on the TV, it’s all about Tim Tebow or the 278th report from Jets training camp or so on…  It wouldn’t be so bad if the coverage didn’t feel like the TMZ sports division half the time.

Baseball’s got a few good pennant races going on (at least, as long as the Dodgers don’t completely blow it the final month), and some unexpected teams making the playoffs.  But that doesn’t seem to be enough for ESPN.  If the Yankees and Red Sox aren’t batting, I guess those Connecticut-based producers just aren’t interested.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s fees doubled, which means if you’re wondering who’s really paying for the Dodgers new players….