From 1925, the Pirates and the Cardinals traded NL titles the next four years.  However, the Cubs took the rubber pennant in 1929.

There have been many five year stretches where two teams won all five NL pennants, especially in the early years.  But most of those involved two or three year runs, rather than a trading of pennants back and forth.  Heck, from 1921 through 1924, the Giants won all four pennants, so either team at the ends (the Robins, then the Pirates)would make it two teams winning all five years.

Even then, all of those strings came from before divisional play necessitated a playoff series, when there were just 10 teams (or less) in the National League, and the one with the best record won the pennant.

The history we’ve seen between the Cardinals and the Giants might be boring to some of the country, but it’s a dominance that is not easily quantified.  The winner of this series could justly have a chance at calling themselves a dynasty, perhaps the first real one since the late 1990’s Yankees.

That is something worth fighting for.  Few fans get to root for a real dynasty.

Make it happen, Giants.