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Now, let’s talk about the Dodgers.

First of all, the unavoidable sound effect the Dodgers will play of “Ha-dou-ken!” every time a strikeout is notched by Ryu Hyun-jin will sound clever only to them, but god, will it get annoying.

The bigger issue is that the Dodgers are spending way too much money.  Way too much.  And unlike the Dodgers trade, they’re getting better.  Zack Greinke is not a Top 5 pitcher in the NL.  But unlike him getting paid like an ace, the Dodgers aren’t expecting an ace, they’re expecting a number 2 pitcher.  He’s a very good one of those.

I admit that the Dodgers rotation looks pretty damn intimidating right now.

A while ago, it was reported that Nick Swisher wanted to come to San Francisco, and why not?  But the hot-stoveness was tempered when it was reported that the Giants don’t feel the need to go after a big-ticket item like him.

The Dodgers coming down with Greinke, Hyun-jin and others might just be the motivation to make the Giants consider it.

The Giants don’t need to get into a tit-for-tat with the Dodgers.  That’s not the best way to do business.  But the Giants should look at opportunities.  Left field right now is probably the biggest weakness in the lineup.  Blanco might not be the weakest bat in the offense overall (Crawford is right there in the discussion, though it’s not an easy choice either way), but good defense in left doesn’t have as much impact as good defense at shortstop.

Swisher is a switch-hitting outfielder with a line-drive bat and who takes a fair amount of walks.  He’d step in the door as someone who would challenge for being the top home run hitter, and who’d probably see a nice increase in doubles and triples.  He’d be good protection for anyone in this lineup, and extend any pitchers the Giants face to have to throw more pitches in more dangerous situations.  And the Giants have an opening.

Now, there’s a lot more to consider, such as whether the Giants want to save left field for an aging Angel Pagan once Gary Brown is ready (hoping against hope), or whether an eventually rebranded NBC Sports Bay Area (come on and just do it already, people…we all know it’s coming) will be able to pony up anything to help actually give the Giants an income that would be a sixth of what the Dodgers get.

But…I want, I want, I want.  And the Dodgers are sure putting the Giants in a position to compete with that.

Also, the Diamondbacks got Brandon McCarthy, and I’d like some more hitting to go up against him, too, please.

Also, for all of you who came to this post seeing the title and expecting to see an announcement of who’s playing in a movie about a dwarf, warrior, valkyrie and wizard in an frustratingly endless maze and one of the most memorable narrating voices of all time…I feel your pain.  Sorry to be a tease!