Yup, it’s true!  The Arizona League Giants shut out the Dodger squad to finish what was a dominating season and when the league’s championship!  Of course, this is a league where the championship is a single game, rather than a series like we’re usually used to, but it’s not a bad thing!  And, sure, the kids in the league are so young they have to use bottled water in their clubhouse celebration and not champagne, but it’s a championship!

I definitely don’t want to disparage what the kids did.  Winning a championship in any league is a great thing!  It’s better that they win the championship than not.  But it is true that no matter how good the kids are now, the vast majority won’t make the majors.  It’s sad, but true.  We’ll probably see first round pick Christian Arroyo one day, and second round pick Ryder Jones is very talented, but beyond that, I can’t name a sure thing.

Of course, this also kicks off what should be a fun minor league playoff season for the Giants.  Most of the leagues finish up this weekend, and the Giants have four of their six American affiliates in the playoffs.  (The Dominican Summer League team is, too, but it’s so hard to judge how those kids will be I usually cut it off at the AZL).  San Jose once again dominated in the California League, winning the first half title, a first round bye and the best overall record in the North Division.  The Augusta GreenJackets won the second half title and had the best overall record in the South Atlantic League’s South Division.  And the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes won the South Division first half title in the Northwest League and is close to clinching the second half title as well en route to the playoffs.

Minor league championships may not have much to do with World Series wins in the future, but they can’t hurt.  And hey, what else will you have to really root for this September?