Seriously, Cubs fans.  The last time you won a World Series was because Merkle had a Boner.  You’re welcome for that.  Your grandparents can thank us, because they’re the only members of your families to remember it.

I often sit next to fans from opposing teams.  I like it.  I truly enjoy how baseball can bring people together.

Cubs fans are the exception.  Especially this past series.  I’ll give the Cubs this: their fans had a lot more to cheer about than Giants fans.  They came into our yard and embarrassed the Giants in two games out of three.  But I’ve never seen a group of fans go out to a game and try to be obnoxious (other than in the bleachers) than the group of Cubs fans I sat next to above the Giants dugout.  They were so outlandish, I passed up Rowand and Tejada jokes for this.  Those Cubs fans worked hard at being obnoxious, with their Giants-dressed girlfriends constantly apologizing for them, trying to stop any potential skirmishes (as far as I’m aware, none occurred.  This ain’t Candlestick and Hunter’s Point).  It makes me feel like Steve Bartman was like certain ex-coworkers of mine who wanted to get himself fired from his position as a Cubs fan to get out of a bad, thankless job.

And it’s not like Bartman’s the only one to have quit on the Cubs this year.  Right, Zambrano?

Seriously, Cubs fans.  Just because even the BlackHawks are giving Chicago fans a better return on their fandom doesn’t mean you have to be so bitter.  At least try to go the Red Sox route of longtime losing and sell out to the national media as pitiful losers.  Just don’t try to make out the Milwaukee Brewers to be your New York Yankees.  That’d just be sad.

I will say, the Cubs fans got me to go sit in another seat.  And that….that worked out nicely.