It is interesting how the Giants keep facing AL West teams in the World Series.  It may also have to do with the reason behind why the Giants’ World Series appearances in the last decade.  East coast bias lives, and you know what?  Too bad for the rest of the country.  If they want to see a team with great pitching win some big games, they’re stuck with the DVD-quality version put out by MLB with no music, no nice shots of the cities, but with the radio broadcasters from the home teams.

(And, really, no Blu-Ray copies of the World Series.  Come on, MLB…)

So, yea, I figure it’s time the Mariners got lucky.  And seriously, consider one more fact.  When the Giants and Angels met, it was the Angels’ first World Series appearance.  When the Rangers lost in 2010, it was their first appearance.  That means, there are just two more teams who have never played in the World Series: The Washingon Expo-Nationals, and the Seattle Mariners.

It’s your time, Seattle.  Step up and win the AL.  I promise, the Giants will make it gentle when they repeat in October.