I was going to tweet this suggestion to the guys who used to be known as the MelkMen today, but I wasn’t the first one.

So, yea, I figured we’d just do a comic about it.

It’d be fitting to have X-Men as fans at AT&T Park.  They were relocated to the Bay Area from New York a couple of years ago in the comic universe.  First located at an estate in Marin (Skywalker Ranch, anyone?) and then a mutant-made island roughly located where the Farallones are.

It’s so fitting, in fact, it’s been done before by Mavel themselves.  For the then-San Francisco-based Wondercon Comic Book Convention, Marvel did a special, limited edition variant cover of one of the X-Men comics, featuring several X-Men posing with the Commissioner’s Tropy and that their famous black and yellow outfits had been modified to orange.

Do we call Storm a "Fairweather Fan"?

Do we call Storm a “Fairweather Fan”?

This would be a lot of fun to see out of Giants fans.  Could they pull this off?  Of course.  My body type might be more Blob than Gambit for spandex, but there are plenty of people to pull it off.  There could be a lot of fun here.  And I’d love to see someone pull off “M”.

Of course, there’s one caveat: Xavier Nady has to be good.  And he has a month to be that.  This isn’t a Pat Burrell in May and carrying a big part of the season thing.  To say that this is likely is…well, not very bloody likely.

But, dude, good start so far.  Seriously, we’re rooting for you.  And not just for the possibility of seeing Psylocke cosplaying at the stadium.

And…just because we’re nice guys here at The Lunatic Fringe

The X-Fringe? New Comic? Nah.....

Please don’t sue us, Marvel.