To say I was shocked, disappointed and disgusted to hear about the murder near AT&T Park is putting it mildly.

As I write this, I don’t have a lot of time, so I’ll just be blunt:


The past year has been a sobering year for us bay area fans.  San Francisco 49er fans are getting a worse reputation for fights and violence than Raider fans!  There has been an increase in, shall we say, sensitive language thrown at other players at AT&T Park.  Fights have gotten a bit more common.

Stop it.

You know why you don’t hear about many actual incidents for Raiders games?  Because the guys in the Black Hole began policing themselves.  If someone, even one of the Raider Nation, got out of line, they’d be the first to get him out, whether by themselves or by reporting them.

I know it feels like being a rat, but to protect our own reputation, maybe we have to do that?

Realistically, the murder of Jonathan Denver had little to do with anything the San Francisco Giants as a team could have prevented.  The incident happened four blocks away from the park.  The guys who did it weren’t at the game.  Hell, the incident happened a few hours after the game after, according to police, both groups of fans were at a bar drinking.  The Giants weren’t negligent in any way, because it’s out of their scope.

But maybe that’s why our fans need to police ourselves to stop the assholes from ruining our names.