To be clear, the Angel we’re referring to was Angel Villalona, not Pagan.  That Angel came with all sorts of renewed hopes for the Giants farm system…until he got arrested.  Pagan came with significant less fanfare, although he has done damned well and has earned a few costumed fans, at least on a temporary basis.

In all seriousness, though, seeing the Melkmen at the park has been awesome.  One might say they don’t have the vulgarity of your average Philadelphia fan, or the sheer brashness of a banana in Milwaukee, but fans in San Francisco are different.  They’re creative, they’re fan friendly, but most of all, they’re fun!  And dedicated!  Many fans are content with dressing up one day to show support, and that was it.  That was their day.  If Kruk & Kuip didn’t see them on TV, oh well, everyone missed out.

Not the Melkmen.  They aren’t showing any signs of slowing down, and just as they’ve embraced Melky Cabrera like their own homegrown superstar, Giants fans have embraced the Melkmen.  Good for them.

Also, all the cute, female twitter followers they seem to have show that maybe the rumors about housewives in 1950’s suburbia weren’t just rumors.  Just saying.

So, enjoy everything, Melkmen.  And for all those fans out there, follow their advice: vote Melky Cabrera into the 2012 All-Star Game.  Only you can prevent Alfonso Soriano or Shane Victorino starting in his stead!