Maybe the day before the possible series decider isn’t the best time to get thinking this, but…

Draymond Green scares me, or at least his mindset does.  The same way with Brian Wilson.

With Wilson, during 2010, there was always the feeling that he was one of the smartest guys in the room, and he loved to mess with people.  So many things were about messing around with people, with the media.  The Machine was a brilliant way of having fun with this, and yet keeping loose and keeping superior to everything around the team.

But then, something happened.  I can’t pinpoint it.  But the best way to put it is he started believing his own stuff.  And it all went downhill from there.

Draymond, he doesn’t come off as smug like Wilson could, but he’s got just as much pride.  And that’s not a bad thing.  He talks to get inside people’s heads, because that’s what sports is sometimes.  And while he can get a bit out of control at times, you can never, ever doubt that it comes from a passion of that game and a passion for winning.

And yet, there’s probably always going to be that voice in the background wondering when…if…he’ll start making about himself winning more than the team.  It’s happened to so many great athletes, it’s not an unthinkable situation.  And that will always be there.

I could see both those thoughts going through his head, realistically.  I’d hope neither would rule him.

I hope.

Until then, goddamn beat the Cavs already, will ya?