If you think Mark Jackson is on the hot seat…how long will San Jose tolerate being a playoff also ran?

Niemi may have won a Stanley Cup, but the Sharks have never had the offense that Niemi had in Chicago to support him.  I’ve never had a lot of faith in him.  He shows up for some games, but has problems in others.  It’s frustrating when it’s a pitcher like Jonathan Sanchez is inconsistent from start to start.  But a goalie in every game?  Far too unstable.

I’d write about the Warriors, but they go hot and cold as an entire team.  They’re pretty well fried at this point.    Especially now that the national sympathy (and probably the refs) are with the Clippers.  The Warriors will have to overwhelm to win.  I think they’ll do it in Game 6, but I don’t think Mark Jackson will get this team ready for Game 7.

At this point, there’s more suspense in who will replace Jackson next year.