When I went looking for tickets, I wasn’t too surprised at the cost.  I mean, not only is it an NFL game, but hell, it’s the final season at Candlestick.  Of course it’s going to be higher than normal.

The parking passes, though.  What.  The.  ….?

It’s sad that tailgating is going to be essentially a thing of the past at the new Levi’s Stadium.  I mean, sure, there’ll be parking lots, but not nearly enough space for as many people as there are at Candlestick.  That’ll mean that the cost of a parking space may cost more than the ticket, and the lot owners will be super aggressive against people taking up more space for doing a tailgate.

Maybe this is just preparation for what’s to come.  One friend of mine who went to the game I went to said that this might be her last 49ers game ever, because she doesn’t think she’ll be able to afford Levi’s Stadium.

But, hey, at least the Norteños will be priced out, right?