Everyone’s got a scrub or prospect or three they’re looking forward to seeing.

For me with the Giants, Gary Brown and Joe Panik are the obvious ones.  I’m not expecting either one to be soon, but both are important to the Giants’ future, so I want to see them get chances.  With Scutaro and Pagan going to the WBC soon, that’s likely to happen.

The other one is a pet prospect of mine: Francisco Peguero.  He’s as talented physically as they come, and has a good bat…when he stops swinging at really really bad pitches.  He floundered in his major league debut last year, and was hobbled by injuries for most of the year in Triple-A, but had a 20-game hit streak for the Grizzlies when he was called up.  Seeing him go 2-for-3 with a double yesterday was very  nice.  If Peguero gets hot, Pagan and Blanco have some real competition.

Who are the guys you most want to see come up?