It’s just plain wrong.  It also puts our Giants vs. Raiders comic into a different context.  Is it bad that when I wrote that, I just never thought about the New York Giants?  That’s how little Eli matters to me.

As if that weren’t enough, Joe Biden made a fool of himself in San Francisco on Wednesday…and that was before he ruined my commute home on the peninsula just by being there.  At a fundraiser, he said that “The Giants are on the way to the Super Bowl.”

It almost would’ve been better if he were actually representing as a fan of the New York-Football Giants.  But no, he not only mixed up teams and sports, but let his attempt at a cheap pop from the hometown crowd make it look like he was rooting for the other guys.

Seriously, Joe Biden, must you be the Democratic party’s answer to Dan Quayle?

The only way out of this with dignity is to, when the 49ers reach the Super Bowl, be photographed rooting the 49ers on while wearing all San Francisco Giants gear.