True story.

I mean, sure, there’s some fair guesses you can make about the NLDS, but nothing’s in stone, and the Giants overtaking the Reds for the second seed is not entirely impossible.

The NLCS is a bag of questions, though.  If the Nationals are the top seed, they’ll be very vulnerable in a five-game series, especially against the Braves.  So it’s not all that likely the Giants wouldn’t have home field advantage if they advanced.  But, there’s the possibility that the Reds could overtake the Nationals in the seeding, and the Reds I could see beating the Braves more easily.

And that’s before any tie-breaker issues change the NLCS schedule.

At least the World Series schedule is more or less set.  That’s looking pretty far ahead, but if I want it off, I’ve got to request it now!