Even the white and grey uniforms look vaguely San Francisco-ish if you cover up the chest logo.  Well, you can’t blame them for wanting to look like champions.  And don’t say that it’s because their former stadium-mate Miami Dolphins wear orange jerseys.  No one wants to look like them.

Not that there’s anything wrong with orange jerseys.  It’s just that they seemed so allergic to the bright orange not long ago.

The Marlins will become the third team in MLB history to wear orange jerseys.  I shouldn’t have to tell you who the first of those two teams.  The other is the Baltimore Orioles.  And if you thought that the new Marlins new jerseys are bright, at least they don’t match them with bright orange pants like the Orioles did in the early ’70’s.

(Image courtesy of the Hall of Fame’s ‘Dressed to the Nines‘ exhibit)

Not that there’s anything wrong with another team featuring orange.  The Marlins will be the fourth team using orange, and the third using the color prominently.  It’s not like it’s become as predominant as the color red (the entire NL Central other than the Brewers use red, and half of the division uses it as their primary color).  But it does seem like it’s making the color just a little less unique.