Maybe we’ve gotten spoiled by years and years and years of big name and high potential first round draftees, but when the Giants went for a mostly unheard of shortstop from St. John’s, you’d think Sabean was drafting for the Golden State Warriors.

If you haven’t been following the draft, take the time to read about the past two days, and what’s been going on today.  Here’s a good wrap-up of Day 1, and here’s some about Day 2.  And there’s still another day of drafting to be done.  That’s baseball for you!  People might stop caring after the first round, but champions aren’t built only with first round picks.  Look beyond the Lincecums and Cains and Poseys.

Would this team have won without Brian Wilson (24th Round)?  How about Sergio Romo (28th Round)?  Jonathan Sanchez was a late-round pick (27th Round).  Other players might be a little higher, but are still out of the first round, like newcomers Brandon Crawford (4th), Brandon Belt (5th), and even Ryan Vogelsong (5th) and Andres Torres (5th) from years past.

There aren’t any Tim Lincecums or Buster Poseys, but there might be a Freddy Sanchez or a Matt Cain, a Brian Wilson or a Brandon Belt in there.