There might be something you’ve been noticing.  You haven’t seen anything new here since the start of the month.  Read new stuff, sure, but all the art looked familiar.

That’s because of this.  Unfortunately, things took much longer than expected for this situation.  Rog left some pre-drawn comics to be used, but as time went on, I had to begin using art from older comics.  I reused and mixed and matched panels.

But today, it’s different.  Because Rog is back!  I couldn’t be happier!

And then I realize that today is a Game 7, and now I’m all nervous again.

I could wax poetic about Game 7, but plenty of writers will.  Plenty of people will tell you just how much the odds are against the Giants.  A few will tell you how the Giants will win.

I’ll let them do that.

Here’s what I’ll tell you: Enjoy this.

Game 7’s in the championship are pretty rare in any sport.  Game 7’s in the championship involving your team are extremely rare.

Find some friends.  Find a bar or a friend’s place to watch the game.  If you have little kids, cajole a friend with kids and no love for sports to host a kids party while the parents go out.

But whatever you do, enjoy it.  Find someone to enjoy it with.  Because win or lose, this doesn’t happen often.

And the wins happen less often.  So, be somewhere worth remembering if it happens.