This quarterback controversy must be powered by Giants fans bored with the early offseason.

It’s silly.  Alex Smith is, and should be, the starting quarterback of the Niners.

Colin Kaepernick had one good game.  It was a surprising game, as I don’t think anyone was expecting to see the poise he had, which I think was the best part of him to see.  But he’s still a very, VERY talented quarterback who is a bit raw.  He has more talent than polish.

But one game does not make a starter.  Let’s see him do it in an unfriendly road environment (although we might this week against the Saints, depending on Smith’s concussion).  We need to see him do it after other teams have seen a lot of game film of him.

For now, Kaepernick is a very encouraging backup and what Harbaugh was using him for before this game; a change of pace quarterback who can run the wildcat.  But now, teams will have to respect his throwing ability.

In the future…Kaepernick could be the QB of the future.  Now I can really see it.  But he could benefit from the Rodgers path, even if Smith is no Brett Favre.  Let him get in some time, but also watch a great team play and how to lead a good team.  His day will come.  But it won’t be this season, and probably not next.

The first season in that new stadium, though…maybe.