At some point, you have to have a mission statement.

For those who don’t remember the moment the ‘Lunatic Fringe’ movement was named, you can refer to this article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

2004 was the beginning of some dark days for Giants fans.  It was when the Giants went from a wire-to-wire team to out of the playoffs, on the way to the bottom third of the league.  It was when Ray Durham went from ‘durable’ to Samuel L. Jackson’s character in ‘Unbreakable’.  It was when Edgardo Alfonzo’s contract and performance became so ridiculous that when another player named Alfonzo joined the team later, he got the nickname ‘NotGardo’ from the Lunatic Fringe.

It’s understandable Giants fans went to the extreme.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Giants fans became tested by the era.  It’s why so many took the ‘torture’ so well in 2010.

But what happens now that the fans are so happy?  Is there anything to stay passionate about?

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