There was a glorious moment when it seemed that the Bay Area might be the home to top teams in so many sports at once.  But this year…culminating with the 49ers spectacular implosion, has shattered that dream for a while.

The fallout from this season will be felt for years.  Kaepernick is going to wish he was doubted the way Alex Smith was.  The coaching carousel (and more importantly for any young QB, the OC carousel) will begin again in earnest.  Borderline players who benefitted by playing on a good team (I’m looking at you, Michael Crabtree) will be exposed.  And the talents this team has taken advantage of (An absolutely amazing linebacker corps) and taken for granted (The league’s most talented, misused TE Vernon Davis).

The 49ers need a culture change that starts from the top down.  No more petty feuds, no more tolerance of bad behavior, from either players or coaches, and no more mistaking the glow of winning to being a healthy clubhouse.

Years were wasted.  Let’s stop wasting them.