No way around it: The 49ers looked putrid on Sunday.  Like Giants in late June putrid.

Not that we know how the starters for the Niners really look.  In early preseason, they play for so little, you can’t really discover anything.  But they say depth is what matters in football.  Injuries are nearly inevitable.  And, well, the second and third teams of this team can’t play football.

But there’s a reason you shouldn’t watch preseason football: it doesn’t matter.  The Giants began to at least beat one of the teams they are supposed to beat.  That counts, although over the next two weeks, they’ll face teams they need to beat.  Or else, this is going to be a disappointing fall.

And that disappointment will really count.

But, hey, at least we know that traffic isn’t that bad at Levi’s Stadium when people leave the game at halftime.  Hooray!