This is a serious question.

The two fill-ins are doing well (at least, of late).  Chris Heston has a 2.91 ERA and just a 1.17 WHIP.  Ryan Vogelsong has an overall bad ERA of 5.67, but in his last four starts, he has a 3.52 ERA and a 0.83 WHIP.  These are tough to justify demotions or moves to bullpens with.

Tim Lincecum, the fifth starter who had some questions, has a 2.00 ERA this season.  That’s only 10th best in the majors among regular starters, which I suppose is tolerable.

Madison Bumgarner is…not worth being a part of this discussion because of course he’s staying in the rotation.

That leaves Tim Hudson.  Hudson hasn’t been the guy that started last season, but he’s been solid.  Of six starts, he had one where he didn’t allow any runs.  He had three of seven innings or more where he allowed three runs, and then two where he allowed 5+.  That’s not a superstar performance, but it’s not all that awful compared to the rest of baseball.  The Giants have won three of his starts and lost three.  Of course, he starts tonight.

Would the Giants consider pushing Hudson back to the bullpen?  Maybe.  It’d be a tough decision, for sure.  And Huddy has been a good pitcher overall.  Hudson’s real problems have come from giving up home runs.  He’s given up six this season, all in the past four games (three were at home, one in Coors).  That’s on pace for 29 in the season, which would be by far his career high.  You have to think that’ll change.

Honestly, in the end, I think Heston will head down to Sacramento.  The Giants don’t have too many option-able pitchers, and it’d be better to keep him starting in the minors.  And I do think that Vogelsong would be the likely bullpen move, although it’s getting close to a 50-50 chance with Hudson.  Nothing too exciting.

Then again, with Peavy’s back, I think the Giants will just have Peavy take all the time he needs to rest his back and not rush back.  Maybe by then, someone will have given the Giants a reason for a demotion to make it easier…