Just to be clear, I’m picking more on the Warriors’ history rather than this Warriors team.  They don’t need any help against Denver.  Against the Spurs, though…well, they might.

As far as the Giants go, however, they need help no matter who they’re playing.  They just got swept by San Diego.  In San Diego, which is as close to a home away from home as the Giants get outside of the Bay Area.

To be fair, it hasn’t been as long since the Giants got swept by the Padres as I’d thought.  The last time it happened was in 2010.  It happened twice, once there and once in San Francisco.  And that season turned out fairly decently.

But what’s more disturbing is how the Giants are losing.  They are simply awful right now.

That’s a little unfair to everyone.  Pablo Sandoval’s been hot.  Brandon Crawford’s cooled off a little.  Posey and Belt have heated up.  And there’s Madison Bumgarner.  But that’s just been enough to keep things close, and interesting.

And not win.

Marco Scutaro seems to have caught the ire of Giants fans lately.  But he’s not the only one whose play has been dragging.  Pagan’s gone cool.  Andres Torres has had some moments of good, but many more moments of bad.  Joaquin Arias hasn’t exactly been lighting things up off the bench.

And the rotation not nicknamed MadBum has been bad and worse most of the time, even if only just long enough to ruin games, and then look better once they are safely behind in the score.

What’s wrong with these guys?

Beats me.  They’re just playing far below their level.  People might say that Scutaro and Vogelsong are just reverting to their normal selves, but everyone has had a hand in playing poorly.  It’s the big things, like giving up home runs, and it’s the small things, like getting the ball back to the infield after a hit to allow an extra base.  It’s ill-timed errors that everyone knows about.

They just need to start playing better.  I doubt a trip to the desert will help things.  Maybe a home series against the Dodgers will help…