Maybe I’m weird.  I’ve always taken pride in the fact that AT&T Park has no patterns cut into the outfield.  It’s just pure green.  I’ve always loved that about the park, and I hated it and feared it would change when the WBC came and they had cut a pattern into the grass.

But when the season started, we were back to pure green….except for the deep outfield.  For some reason, a straight line cut across the outfield from the left field corner to Levi’s Landing, and everything deeper than it was a different shade than the rest.  Why?  I don’t know.  It reminded me of what’s left over when they have a stage built for a stadium at the park…but I don’t remember one in March.


And now, two months into the season, it’s faded, but it’s still there.  What the heck?

Also, the starting pitching still sucks and Angel Pagan’s somehow seriously hurt after running out an inside the park home run that didn’t hurt him and Marco Scutaro’s back except for his back and everyone seems to have the flu that won’t go away and Matt Cain is scarily inconsistent and Tim Lincecum is playing himself into a Melky Cabrera pity contract and Jean Machi really doesn’t strike me as a bullpen guy to count on and Brandon Belt still isn’t hitting like we expect him to and no one is on the horizon and the last few weeks have sucked.

So that might have something to do with it.