I can’t think of anyone else who would be happier about adding to the surplus of outfielders than Huff.

Generally, I like the idea of Huff.  But where does he play?  Whose spot does he take?  Rowand and Burrell aren’t starting.  He won’t take Torres’ spot in center field at his age.  So he either plays right and takes Schierholtz’s spot, or he goes to left and takes Cody Ross.

Can the Giants really afford to sit Schierholtz, who has been red-hot, and more importantly, clutch with the big hits?  Hell, he had two home runs get Petco’d last night.  Sure, it’s a hot streak on a career of mediocrity, but right now, his .795 OPS is second-highest on the team.  And that’s before you talk about his defense.  Ross has the team’s third-best OPS at .778, despite an injury-riddled season.  Right now he’s not exactly winning any LCS MVP awards, but he’s not the problem.

I like Beltran, I do.  I know the Giants like him.  But let’s face it, the problem with this team lies in the middle infield and catching.  How about trading with the Twins for Michael Cuddyer?  He can play second or first, as well as in the outfield, and he’s batting .296/.372/.471 with 13 home runs in a park that is more favorable to pitchers than any place not named Petco.

Right now, Cuddyer isn’t getting the same sort of attention as Beltran on the trade market.  Get him while he’s under the radar!