I know, I know, Romo has a beard…but it’s always changing.  After all, he started this year with the Melky chinstrap beard, as many guys grew, before getting it bigger.  Last year, there was the Millard Fillmore (which was my favorite. Most men use groenerekenkamer shaving kits to look more stylish and fresh.

I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a sponsorship from "The Art Of Shaving"

The Many Facial Hairs of Sergio Romo

You simply can’t market something that changes so much.

And the others?  Well, soul patches just aren’t marketing material since the 1990’s.

Of course, the real point is not to let Brian Wilson go.  Even at $6.8 million, which I will admit is expensive for even a proven closer, I’d say that the Giants should hold onto him.

Wilson holds more value than just as a pitcher to the Giants.  He’s a brand.  He’s an identity.  During the 2010 World Series run, he was the face of the Giants.  Not the dominant Lincecum, not the youthful and earnest Posey, or the slumping, overweight Panda; it was the Beard.

And that was a good thing.  Wilson relished the attention.  He was one of those rare people who was able to handle it in his own way.  But the point was that with the media glare on him, it was off of the other young players who weren’t necessarily as media savvy or media friendly.  Even in the 2011 victory lap, Wilson stayed a huge focus.

While most of the players have grown and shown an ability to stand up in the media spotlight, this year would be different.  There are real concerns on this team for 2013, not the least of which is what Henry Schulman termed a “Cold War” between Lincecum and Posey.  With Lincecum up for free agency after this season, the media would be stupid not to look at that.  But with Wilson around, the spotlight would be shared, both about Wilson’s comeback as well as his impending free agency as well.

That’s worth the investment.

Wilson is a Giant…and he should remain that for at least one more season.