It hasn’t been a good time for the Giants’ groundskeepers.

A couple of weeks ago, the groundskeepers misprinted the batter’s box and got mocked online for it.  Last night, in an event Krukow said he’d never seen, the crew had to come out and fix a major hole in the right-handers’ batter’s box.

But now, they’ve got soccer lines on the field.

Now, it’s just chalk, and it’ll fade out as grass gets watered and grows and gets cut…but I love the pure green grass of AT&T Park, and this year it just…hasn’t been up to snuff.

I still don’t know what that weird cut is across the outfield.  Maybe it’s still left over from last year’s midseason Roger Waters concert, though I don’t remember seeing it last year, and there was a lot of the field covered up, not just that one bit.  But no matter what it is, it looks bad!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject…

Really?  REALLY!?!?

Yes, alright?  I care about that Minnesota/Kansas City Game.

This has been there for three years!  Look, I know we’re in the age of the internet, and hell, I often have an iPad with me at games, and an iPhone, so it’s not like I rely on the out of town scoreboard…but come on.  That just looks bad, guys.  Do those pads have to be right there?  All the other fences have doors that aren’t right in the middle…

Anyways…come on, we care about the park…let’s make it look as great as possible!