…if you thought this when you saw that Jose Fernandez was killed early Sunday morning.

The thing that makes what happened with Jose so sad really is that there are few people who loved baseball like he did.  He was doing something he genuinely loved, and he showed it in everything he did.  There was only one player I ever saw who played with that much joy, and that was Pablo Sandoval…and even then, with what Pablo has been through in recent years, it seems to have dimmed.

Fernandez, however, will always be remembered as having loved what he did.

In that mode, I want to bring up a friend of mine.  She worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder where I worked with her, and has been successful.  However, she had struggled with image problems throughout her youth, like many people have.  She’s leaving her job, and has started a non-profit, Saints of Steel, to do something she loves and give back to our community.  She connects with other barbers and hairstylists, and helps arrange haircuts for the homeless and needy.  The goal is to make some of those who have struggled in life to be able to at least look at themselves, and see someone they want to be, and help others see them as they’d like to be seen.  I certainly know many people who have struggled with self-image, and I think it’s a wonderful goal.

I wish I had that cause I felt as strongly about as she does.  As of yet, I haven’t found it.  Maybe I will one day.

If you want to try and find your cause, or just would like to give a little back to the world…whether it’s to feel better about life, or just to rehab your karma (mine seems to be on the 60-Day DL)…check out GoVoluntr.com.  Another wonderful organization run by former coworkers of mine, maybe it’ll help you find your cause, or at least help you find a way to help others.  There’s lots of worthy goals out there.

Not everyone gets the passion and talent that cross in way that Fernandez’s did, in ways that allowed him to inspire others and help others with donations.  But I’m sure all of us can find a way to just help.